Feb 1, 2019

World Cancer Day – February 4, 2019

February 4th is World Cancer Day. NAVICOR’s goal is to go beyond treatment to turn patients into survivors. To us, cancer is personal. We have all been touched by cancer and have made it our mission to use our creative power to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. Join us on World Cancer Day to make a personal testimony in the fight to defeat cancer.


Here are the testimonies of our employees:


“I Am a Communicator and I Will focus my passion on helping patients become survivors.” – Dave Querry


“I Am a Creative Director, writer, husband, dad and strong believer in giving back. I Will ride for research funding.” – Dan Donovan


“I Am an Associate Creative Director of copy and I Will educate patients about their cancer and treatment options.” – Elizabeth Glinka


“I Am a Creative Director and I Will use words and images to power hope forward.” – Stacy Hall


“I Am an Account Coordinator and Social Media Specialist and I Will assist in the communications for cancer.” – Scarlett Herbert


“I Am an Account Director and I Will always be grateful for the relationships I’ve made (and hope to make) with cancer survivors.” – Jason Ferguson


“I Am the nephew of a prostate cancer survivor and, I Will get screened for prostate cancer this year.” – Frank Lescas


“I Am a Senior Art Director and I Will express compassion in our artwork of patients.” – Amy Slattery


“I Am an Account Director and I Will lead teams to tackle cancer one cell at a time.” – Barry Vucsko


“I Am a Medical Writer and I Will continue learn about the science of new ways to combat cancer.” – Becky Chanoux


“I Am a Senior Art Director and I Will do more to reduce my risk.” – Shannon Boutilier Hall


“I Am an Account Coordinator and I Will work towards raising awareness.” – Dylan Rhudd


“I Am a Producer and a Survivor and I Will work to support the development of therapies and treatments for eradicating cancer.” – Kirsten Byrne


“I Am a scientist and I Will diligently provide education to help reduce the burden inflicted by cancer.” – Andy Johnson


“I Am dedicated to learning more about cancer and I Will help shape the conversation between brands and oncologists.” – John Kirk


“I Am an Art Director and, I Will help launch new treatments.” – Kristin Malandrucco


“I Am a Survivor and I Will support patients on their journey to survivorship.” – Michelle DeVirgiliis


“I Am a Medical Writer and I Will communicate the latest developments in the fight against cancer.” – Alison Lyon


“I Am an Art Director and I Will create awareness.” – Keith Trego


“I Am a Technologist, and I Will build a more connected health community.” – Thomas Hillhouse


“I Am a VP and, Account Director and Will contribute to the fight against cancer.” – Lisa Eichenbaum


“I Am a Medical Communicator and I Will help patients understand the science behind their treatment.” – Kristen Ambegaokar


“I Am a Storyteller and I Will create memorable learning experiences for health care providers so they make informed and confident treatment decisions.” – Ethan Goldberg


“I Am an Account Director and I Will continue to advocate for the adoption of biosimilars as a cheaper treatment option.” – Iris Jenkins


“I Am a Graphic Designer and I Will educate myself and others on life-saving cancer treatments and technology.” – Abby Day


“I Am a Copywriter and I Will write stories of survival.” – Dylan Meister


“I am an Associate Creative Director and I Will make communications easier for cancer patients to understand.” – Sergio Brennan


“I Am a Producer and I Will develop patient friendly materials.” – Jodi Back


“I Am a Studio Director and will help be the change for survival.” – Alexis Woodman-Lucko


“I Am daughter and a Senior Account Executive and I will fight for a Melanoma Free World.” – Bridget Curtin


“I Am a Copywriter and I Will use my knack for science communication to serve the oncology community.” – Erin Eller


“I Am a Production Manager and I Will strive to keep prices low without sacrificing quality.” – Denise Adams


“I Am a Medical Writer and I Will spread awareness about better diagnostic options.” – Saira Bakshi


“I Am an Associate Creative Director who has lost a family member to AML, and I Will continue to create the best possible campaigns to advocate the fight against cancer.” – Sebastian Pallini


“I Am a Parent and I Will educate my children on the importance of cancer screening.” – Kevin Stone


We Are NAVICOR and We Will transform patients into survivors.

To learn more about World Cancer Day, please visit: https://www.worldcancerday.org/about-us


Scarlett Herbert

Account Coordinator and Social Media Specialist, NAVICOR, part of the Syneos Health network

Scarlett brings her social media skills to accurately and efficiently communicate NAVICOR’s core messages to the community.