Jan 3, 2018

Tom Ferrara: What Agency of the Year means to me

Most people I know got into advertising because they love when their accomplishments earn praise and recognition from making an impact in the industry. This award is the kind of attention we all crave from our peers. It’s a universal recognition of everyone who contributes to the success of NAVICOR.

Since I come from big pharma ad agencies in New York City, this award has even greater value. It proves that a talented team can get noticed without having to work on Madison Avenue. In addition to collaborating with strategic and creative minds at NAVICOR, I’m lucky to partner with smart clients who match our level of dedication and inspiration to do award-winning work on their brands.

When I joined the Philadelphia office a year ago, it was already ramping up for solid growth in 2017. Seeing how far we’ve come in such a short time makes me admire the vision of the handful of original staffers who opened up the Philadelphia location a few years ago.

Now, more than ever, NAVICOR offers a tremendous career opportunity for visionary professionals. The job can be as creative and rewarding as you make it. You’re only limited by the amount of insight, optimism, and energy you bring to work each day. That positive attitude is guaranteed to attract the kind of attention that everyone wants in this business.

Tom Ferrara
Associate Creative Director, Copy