Jul 23, 2018

Putting the Spotlight on Sarcoma

This July, NAVICOR is putting the spotlight on sarcoma. Sarcoma is a cancer that starts in the connective tissues in the body, broadly grouped into two main groups: bone or soft tissue. Since our bodies are composed of various connective tissue structures, there are over 50 distinct sarcoma subtypes. Sarcomas can originate in tissue that surrounds nerves, muscles, joints, bones, fat, and blood vessels.

Unfortunately, due to the rarity of sarcoma, it is often thought of as the “forgotten cancer.” According to the Sarcoma Foundation of America, about 1% of all adult cancers and 20% of all childhood cancers are sarcomas. There are approximately 15,000 new cases of sarcoma diagnosed every year and 6,000 people die from the disease each year. Since sarcoma is most commonly found deep within our bodies, it is often diagnosed at the later stages of the cancer. Surgery can cure sarcoma 20% of the time and a combination of surgery plus chemotherapy/radiation can cure about 30% of sarcomas. However, more than 50% of sarcomas are resistant to these treatments, highlighting the need for new therapeutic approaches to fight this disease.1

There are several targeted therapies currently being studied on patients diagnosed with soft tissue sarcomas.

Stay aware of changes on your body! The best preventive measure to take is to have a doctor examine all lumps and bumps that appear. The earlier your doctor can diagnose a cancer, the better the outcome.

At NAVICOR, oncology is our passion. Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with all cancer types.

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Scarlett Herbert

Social Media Specialist, Intern: NAVICOR, part of the Syneos Health network.

Scarlett brings her social media skills to accurately and efficiently communicate NAVICOR’S core messages to the community.

1 “Sarcoma Cancer Research.” Sarcoma Foundation of America, 2018, www.curesarcoma.org/.