Jun 24, 2014

Our Story

At Navicor, oncology is more than a therapeutic category—it’s personal.
When the life of one individual—Garnett Dezember, our founder and CEO—was touched by cancer, he pledged to create positive and lasting change in the oncology therapeutic market. In the decade since, Navicor has grown into a team of oncology experts, distinguished clinicians, and award-winning creative professionals dedicated to improving patients’ lives by successfully launching and maintaining oncology brands throughout the world.

We share your passion for turning products into brands and patients into survivors.
Our specialized knowledge and experience is your key to success in the oncology market. But like you, we always remember that improving patient outcomes is the ultimate goal. Yes, we expertly use the data to tell the most compelling story for your brand—but we also see the people behind the points on that K-M curve. Each one of us is inspired by the patients whose lives we help touch. They’re the reason we get up for work in the morning. Or stay up late at night.

Choose to partner with Navicor.
Unlike general healthcare or even other pharmaceutical advertising agencies, cancer is at the core of everything we do. Don’t worry about the other agencies scrambling to gain a basic understanding of oncology markets when you send out that RFI. And stop wondering how you’ll educate an agency on the nuances of oncology messaging once they’re hired. Navicor already speaks your language. And we’re ready to work with you.

The Oncology Agency