Mar 7, 2018

Jessica Soens: What Agency of the Year means to me

The Agency of the Year award gives our clients the confidence of knowing that they chose the right agency to move their businesses forward. Our clients put tremendous faith and trust in us to truly understand their objectives and translate them into creative and strategic messages.

As an account director, my role is to be the voice of the client as a strategic partner and deliver the best work to them. By providing the next best thing to direct client feedback, I can help my team produce work that will stand out from the client’s competition.

To work for NAVICOR, you have to be passionate about cancer and advertising. This award recognizes our ability to bring together the best and brightest people. Along with being highly intelligent and experienced, we lean on our personal connections to cancer to be mindful of the patients’ perspective. Personally, I lost my mother to cancer when I was just 9 years old. So I want to help families in the cancer community any way I can—from fundraising to making patients aware of new treatment options in my work at NAVICOR.

Above all, learning from each other every day makes us a smarter agency. We continually challenge ourselves to be the best we can be for our clients. So there’s only an “A” team at NAVICOR, no “B” team. This gives NAVICOR a solid foundation to form partnerships with patients, clinicians, and advocacy groups to solve new challenges in oncology.

Jessica Soens
Account Director