Feb 1, 2018

Gia Seymour: What Agency of the Year means to me

Ultimately, patients with cancer are the real winners of this award because it’s a win against cancer. It reaffirms that NAVICOR is particularly well suited to tell nuanced stories about oncology brands and deliver the most effective messages to the target audience.

I felt so proud and excited when I heard we won—not just for me, but also for everyone here. Each member of the agency contributes to our success through teamwork, creativity, and dedication 24/7. I’m gratified for all the work we’ve done to shed light on cancer and its treatment.

As a thyroid cancer survivor and copywriter, I’m able to bring the patient perspective into new campaigns and pitches. I understand how it feels to hear the words “you have cancer” and the promise of hope for survival. This sensitivity can get lost when targeting healthcare professionals with high-science clinical concepts and copy.

In fact, my personal experience with cancer drew me to join NAVICOR. It can be very emotionally challenging to work solely on cancer drugs. I feel like I use every part of my brain; it’s not enough to just be a good writer. We make sure everything is scientifically grounded and that the information gets to the people who need it to realize the best outcomes. It’s all about crafting unique messages that can help extend the lives of those with cancer. That’s something NAVICOR has down to a science.

Gia Seymour