Aug 16, 2017

Dave Querry: What Agency of the Year means to me

Being recognized as Agency of the Year is a truly humbling experience—and a testament to the balance of creativity and sensitivity in the highly scientific and emotionally charged arena of oncology. At Navicor, we found this balance through a singular and focused passion—being the very best at communications and making a difference in oncology.

With that singular focus, we’ve assembled an incredibly diverse and talented group of people who share that commitment and passion. We believe that everyone is an idea person. As a result, we not only welcome different ideas—we expect them. The chemistry of talent and partnerships with our clients has created an environment that fuels the freedom to explore the full spectrum of creative possibilities.

Since starting Navicor, we’ve seen a tremendous revolution in oncology. The days of traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy cycles are coming to an end for many tumor types. New developments in immuno-oncology, next-generation sequencing, targeted biologics, and novel combinations are turning patients into survivors. By delivering the right information in the right context to the right customer in a creative and compelling manner, we play a small, but important, role in aiding the physician-patient dialogue and, ultimately, in the decisions that impact patients going through one of the most traumatic times of their lives.

So what does it mean to win Agency of the Year? It means the true winners are the patients and caregivers who are continuing on their journeys with cancer with more information…and hope. Oncology is no longer just a diagnosis and a drug—it’s about what to expect next. And you can continue to expect a lot more from Navicor.

Dave Querry