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Jan 28, 2016

The New Rules of Engagement: Enhancing Your Presence at Oncology Congresses

Engaging your audience is a perpetual challenge all marketers face, and healthcare marketing is no exception. We see it time and again—at every major healthcare congress, companies inevitably vie for traffic with increasingly bigger and louder approaches to customer engagement in the hopes that attendees will spend valuable time in their booths learning about their […]

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Dec 15, 2015

Observing Oncology Advertising Trends At ASH 2015

The 57th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition last week in Orlando was filled to the brim with the usual suspects—meeting rooms galore, rotating poster sessions and presentations, and an exhibit hall packed with the latest in pipeline trials and commercial brand information.   One of the biggest trends to emerge this year was the […]

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Dec 7, 2015

#BCSM helps oncology patients find quality scientific information and support through social media

At Navicor, we keep our finger on the pulse of oncology, be it through attending major conferences, following the latest drug approvals, or reading research articles. But we want to know more than just what’s going on in the pharmaceutical space; we want to know what’s going on with patients, too—what they’re interested in, where […]

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Dec 2, 2015

Using the iPad pro for an oncology sales force

The iPad Pro’s scalability and size make it the perfect device for the pharmaceutical sales force, with the keyboard allowing it to begin to replace laptops. In 2013 Navicor launched one of the first brands to use the Microsoft Surface Pro as both the vehicle for an iVA and the reps’ main computer. This initiative […]

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Nov 17, 2015

The culture of a winning advertising agency

Culture is one of those words often discussed but rarely understood. I spend a lot of time with prospective employees looking to grow in their careers, and one of the most commonly asked questions is, “What’s the culture like?” Oftentimes, what they’re really asking is, “How fun is your company?” I delay answering that question […]

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Oct 30, 2015

Navicor wins 7 International Davey Awards

The hardware keeps piling up around the Navihood, as results from the annual International Davey Awards firmly maintain Navicor’s place among the best in the business. We are incredibly proud to bring home 7 Davey Awards, which honor the industry’s “Creative Davids”: small agencies worldwide whose strengths are big ideas and powerful creative chops—not giant […]

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Oct 7, 2015

Using LinkedIN for micro-targeting oncologists

During this year’s Digital Pharma East conference, Stephanie Katzman, a healthcare strategist at LinkedIn, announced that the number of HCPs had grown from 3.5 million last year to over 5 million in the US alone and over 9 million globally in 2015. During her talk Stephanie stressed that the value proposition of LinkedIn in your […]

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Oct 5, 2015

Oncology dominates healthcare conversation on Twitter

This week at the 9th annual Digital Pharma East conference, Katie Collins (@KECollins28), healthcare strategist at Twitter, reported that cancer-related tweets are dominating healthcare conversation. In the past year, there were over 44 million tweets in reference to cancer. Heart disease was a distant second with 14.5 million tweets. Katie shared that this activity was […]

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Sep 30, 2015

UI design strategy: future-proofing for a 4k website

The single biggest driver for oncology brand website redesigns has been the evolution of changing screen display resolutions. The web grew up in an 800 x 600 world, but this world was quickly eclipsed as the 1024 x 768 screen resolution began to eat into the 800 x 600 market share. By 2008, use of […]

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Aug 24, 2015

Is it time to refresh your oncology campaign?

Just about every consumer brand marketing team ultimately faces this question: should our brand campaign be refreshed, changed, or completely overhauled? Pharmaceutical brands are no different— not even oncology brands. We are often asked to help new or existing clients refresh or change the way their brand is perceived. Although many think a campaign refresh […]

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