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Integrated marketing communications agency with oncology at our core


Navicor is a team of oncology experts, distinguished clinicians, and award-winning creative professionals dedicated to improving patients’ lives by successfully launching and maintaining oncology brands.

Launch Experience

We have unmatched experience in transforming your developments into commercial realities. With over 12 launches in nine years, we understand how to prep an orphan-disease market, negotiate OPDP reviews, and navigate accelerated filings.

Creative Flair

While oncology is highly scientific, that doesn’t mean your brand communications should be clinical white papers. We use some of the best creative strategies to ensure your brand’s message is received. And our industry recognizes our efforts—honoring us with trophies from some of the most prestigious award shows.


We know how important it is to you that your agency doesn’t outsource all or part of its services. When we say full-service, we mean it. Our in-house production—from traditional sales tools to interactive sales aids, websites, and videos—keeps cost low and quality high.

The Oncology Agency

At Navicor, oncology is more than a therapeutic category–it’s personal. Our team of oncology marketing experts is driven to help clinicians and patients better understand the motivating benefits of our clients’ life-saving therapies.



Over 70 awards in the past two years,
including Med Ad News Agency of the Year

In a market that measures success by prescription data, usage trends, and attitudinal shifts, our award-winning creative helps our clients achieve their goals—and look good doing it.

66oncology and hematology brands
50clients—big, small, biotech, device, and diagnostic
44agency of record assignments
13years in business
9global agency of record assignments
1Oncology-only agency


Dave Querry, President, Navicor Group
Dave Querry
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“Always learn and study the science. The more we know, the more sound our recommendations.”

DQ is all about meeting the intellectual challenge of oncology marketing: “The ideal account strategist has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the sciences and a flexible communication style that connects with people and builds partnerships.” As President, he oversees the day-to-day business of Navicor, providing leadership, maintaining strong client relationships, and managing profitability/growth strategies. “What we do is important not just from the standpoint of making scientific progress in the area of oncology,” Dave says. “We’re also educating physicians so that they thoroughly understand the product benefits and ensure patients get the most appropriate therapy.” Dave’s 20+ years in pharma include sales, marketing, and leadership positions with Abbott Laboratories, Roxane Laboratories, Shire, and GSW Worldwide. On the flip side, this great medical mind loves to drive trucks and forklifts, and he maintains he can build a progressive draw die. (We Googled it. It looks complicated.)

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Rich D'Ginto, SVP, Executive Creative Director, Navicor Group
Rich D’Ginto
Executive Creative Director, Managing Director, Columbus Office
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“Don’t design the page; design the reaction to the page. Everything else will fall right into place.”

Rich drives the creative engine at Navicor, having built pharmaceutical brands and campaigns for more than 25 years as founder of Persuasive Communications, Inc., and Senior Vice President and Creative Director for The Hal Lewis Group in Philadelphia. “I grew up drawing on the walls of my bedroom,” he says. “Since then I’ve found creative possibilities in just about every aspect of my life.” Today Rich’s creative work has evolved into building acoustic guitars, exploring the beauty of coral reefs, and creating meaningful brands and educational content that empower clinicians in the battle against cancer. Lucky for him, Navicor encourages drawing all over the (whiteboard-covered) walls.

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