Aug 15, 2016

The Power of Collective Wisdom

Every industry has a highly anticipated, multiday, crowd-drawing event. For creative-minded professionals, South by Southwest is a unique celebration of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies; for music lovers, events like Coachella and Firefly allow adoring fans to become one mass of dedicated groupies. For those whose mission in life is to defeat cancer, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting provides a forum to share and recognize something much more valuable—the latest oncology data.

In one way or another, cancer has impacted every person on our planet. For the thousands of people who dedicate their careers to the exploration of therapies that are efficacious against cancer and work tirelessly to improve quality of life for patients undergoing treatment, ASCO is a wonderful place to get together with old colleagues, meet new like-minded researchers and marketers, discover new patient advocacy groups, and contribute to the advances in cancer therapies to come.

The friendly competition between prestigious academic research centers, pharmaceutical clinical trials, and rival creative agencies leading up to ASCO results in widespread dissemination of clinical information and better outcomes for those affected by cancer. The plenary session at this year’s event (June 3 to 7) focused on 3 major studies reporting positive impacts on survival.

ASCO callout boxes

Despite all of the advances made to date and the niche targets being investigated, there are still vast possibilities in cancer research and translational medicine that are left to be discovered.

As new treatment therapies such as those mentioned become available to practicing oncologists, cost and integration into current practices continues to be a primary focus. There is still much to debate regarding the role of these guidelines and how payers will fit into the puzzle to ensure patients are still receiving the best, sustainable treatment regimen.


Like all events, the activities must come to an end; however, for the attendees at ASCO, it symbolizes a new beginning. Oncologists return to their practices with a greater understanding of the innovative therapies available to their patients. Pharmaceutical professionals digest all of the clinical data presented and analyze what the updates may mean for the future of their pipeline research, and researchers approach their lab benches with a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic targets.

At Navicor, oncology is at our core. We return from ASCO feeling inspired and proud to have expertise in a field that means so much to so many. We believe in supporting innovating brands whose life-saving therapies transform patients into survivors. Just like the oncology professionals eager to catch a glimpse of the newest clinical outcomes in cancer care, we too are just as excited to review the latest data. Our team of oncology experts, distinguished clinicians, and award-winning creative professionals are dedicated to improving patients’ lives by successfully launching and maintaining oncology brands.

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Elizabeth Glinka
Senior Copywriter: Navicor, part of the inVentiv Health network.

Elizabeth brings a scientific eye, a holistic view of messaging integration, and an unwavering passion to Navicor to help communicate the benefits of our clients’ life-saving therapies.