Nov 8, 2017

James A. Griffith II: What Agency of the Year means to me

Winning Agency of the Year is a validation and recognition by our peers in the industry of the hard work we do at NAVICOR. Plus, it adds to our credibility with our clients.

As the first hire in NAVICOR’s Philly office, I feel proud to work for such a great organization. I was fortunate to work in the Columbus office and see firsthand the development of the President of NAVICOR (Dave Querry). I also had the unique opportunity to work with the founder of NAVICOR (Garnett Dezember) and see his values in practice.

At NAVICOR, we eat, sleep, and breathe oncology. That makes all the difference in the world for our clients. We’ve all been affected by cancer on some level; I lost a brother and a sister. Having seen cancer up close and personal, I’m committed to doing my part to turn patients into survivors.

I strive to foster a creative environment where people can have their creativity flourish. I like being able to have a true impact on the agency’s culture and creative product. Of course, while awards are nice, they’re just a confirmation that we know oncology.

James A. Griffith II
Vice President, Creative Director